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Your Regular Dental Services, Performed While You Sleep.


Our patients receive dental care while they sleep – eliminating their exposure to any unpleasant sights, sounds or sensations. Many patients are pleasantly surprised when the treatment is completed, awaking calmly and very relaxed.

We are proud to provide CEREC 3-D Technology to our patients in need of restorations. The CEREC system has revolutionized the dental field by meeting the needs of our patients in a more convenient manner. Gone are the days where the patient must return for multiple visits to complete a restoration. CEREC Technology can design, fabricate and place a ceramic restoration in just one visit! The dentist uses a special wand to create a digital image of the tooth on the computer, makes adjustments and then electronically sends the information to the milling machine which is in our office. You relax and watch TV or listen to music while the Cerec machine mills your new tooth. When it’s ready, the dentist permanently attaches the restoration to your tooth and you’re done. With this new system, the need for temporaries, impressions and multiple visits has been totally eliminated. Through theuse of this new technology, we can save more of the healthy tooth structure in our patients while giving them beautiful, tooth-coloured restorations that are metal-free and durable. Contact us for more information on this high-tech system.

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